Freedom to Vote

I live in eastern NC and I value the freedoms that we enjoy in our democracy and I’m sure you do too.  Without a functional democracy, we will all lose the freedom of the press, social security, public education, safe working conditions, fair wages and the right to have a say in our government.

The Freedom to Vote Act sets national standards for us to safely and freely cast our ballots, ensure every vote is counted, and elect people who will deliver for us. Our Senators need to deliver the Freedom to Vote Act to the American people, and to do that, they need to fix the Jim Crow filibuster which is blocking progress of this overwhelmingly popular and urgently needed legislation. The freedom to vote is under attack by extremist state lawmakers across the country who want to put up deliberate barriers to make it harder to vote — especially for people of color. 

The Freedom to Vote Act would protect our right to vote, end partisan gerrymandering, counter undemocratic and dangerous election sabotage efforts, and help to eliminate the undue influence of dark money in our elections. The filibuster has stopped the beginning of debate from happening on the Freedom to Vote Act.  The original Senate rules did not include the filibuster rule. The modern-day filibuster took root during the Jim Crow era, when racist southern senators used it to delay passage of important civil rights legislation. Our Senators need to represent us — their constituents — and these rules prevent change from happening. If we reform Senate rules and fix the filibuster, we have a real chance at: 

Protecting the freedom to vote and getting big money out of politics:

Immigration reform

Gun safety

Raising the minimum wage

Action on climate change

Police accountability and racial justice

Our Senators must do everything they can to pass the Freedom to Vote Act, including fixing the filibuster, to realize the promise of democracy for all.

Diane Lemieux