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2017 Working Circle Issues


Suggested Issues for working circles with possible sub-issues

April 2017

  • Education
    • o Support public education
    • o Engage with Pamlico Community College
    • o Know issues coming up at local School Board
  • Health Care
    • o ACA / Medicaid expansion
    • o Pharmaceuticals/Substance abuse
    • o Women’s Health
  • Economic Development
    • o Minority owned small business
    • o Access to capital
  • Voting
    • o Voter rights / voter suppression
    • o Gerrymandering
  • Social Justice
    • o Immigration
    • o LGBT
  • Environment
    • o EPA / Climate Change / River & water quality
    • o Fracking & coal / Pipelines
    • o Recycling and solid waste disposal
  • Income Inequality
    • o #28 – end Citizens United
    • o Corporate takeovers / ALEC / CEO Pay
    • o Unions vs right to work
  • Energy
    • o Wind Power
    • o Solar Power
  • Science
    • o Data / statistics
    • o Census
    • o Disregard of scientific facts in making policy
  • Independent Investigations
    • o Russia
    • o Taxes
    • o Transparency


Continue with 2 existing circles

Community Outreach – Create local events to engage with the diversity of our county

Electronic Communications – Facilitate information sharing for Pamlico Progressives


Our Story

One night, shortly after the Women’s March in D.C. on January 21, 2017, four women and one man (Kathryn Garcia, Jayne Stasser, and John Bloom) sat around the dinner table and discussed what the next step would be in keeping the momentum going of resisting Trump’s agenda for America. And so, Pamlico Progressives was conceived.

A meeting was held and people showed up and signed up and at the next meeting even more people showed up and by the third one we had to move to the main courtroom to accommodate everyone. How encouraging!