About Us

Mission Statement

We are a concerned group of citizens who seek to bring about change by focusing on issues that affect our community and by holding elected officials accountable. ​ ​We seek to let our collective voices be heard to influence positive change.

How we got started

One night, shortly after the Women’s March in D.C. on January 21, 2017, four women and one man (Kathryn Garcia, Jayne Stasser, and John Bloom) sat around the dinner table and discussed what the next step would be in keeping the momentum going of resisting Trump’s agenda for America. And so, Pamlico Progressives was conceived.

A meeting was held and people showed up and signed up and at the next meeting even more people showed up and by the third one we had to move to the main courtroom to accommodate everyone. How encouraging!

Our Platform

We adopted the document A New Deal for a New Reality: Relief, Recovery and Reform as our platform.  It outlines actions in fifteen key areas that we feel need to be taken to make our country better.  Excerpted from the Executive Summary,

Our new reality is driven by a global pandemic, disinformation campaigns, and political machinations that are destroying our democracy. The work of the Progressive Caucus of the NC Democratic Party (PCNCDP) is to support a New Deal for a New Reality; to ensure that government spending is driven by the needs of the people instead of corporations and special interests. In the COVID-19 era, and beyond, we need Medicare for All to provide healthcare to all, whether employed, unemployed or underemployed. We need a Green New Deal to restructure our economy, rebuild America, and support our people. Our goal is to achieve racial, social, and economic justice for the people of North Carolina and the country by fighting concentrations of economic and political power, and the laws, practices, and systems enabling them. We are modeling our efforts on the tenets of FDR’s New Deal and his targets of Relief, Recovery, and Reform. We defined Relief tasks as happening immediately, Recovery tasks as coming in the near future, and Reform tasks as something which we begin working on now and come to fruition after Recovery.

The Relief, Recovery and Reform programs, known as the ‘Three Rs’, were introduced by President Franklin D. Roosevelt during the Great Depression and became known as the New Deal. In a series of laws and executive orders enacted between 1933 and 1938, these actions and reform programs focused on emergency relief programs, emergency employment in government programs, regulating and reforming the banks and the stock market, providing debt relief, increasing and stabilizing agricultural production and income, initiating industrial recovery and introducing public works construction projects. The ‘Three Rs’ programs of the New Deal put the United States on a democratic path out of the Great Depression. 

Despite Roosevelt’s best efforts to include African Americans in his recovery programs,  Roosevelt felt he could not anger the Southern bigots, who were a major part of the Democratic  coalition, so African Americans and other minority citizens were excluded from most of the Three Rs programs. We are fully determined that the benefits and assistance of these proposed reforms will be available to all Americans without distinctions.

Our democracy is slipping away, and it is up to all of us to elect public officials who will support our goals. We have the collective power to achieve justice and equality by running for office, supporting fair elections and progressive Democratic candidates, and by making sure that elected officials, policy makers, media and the public are continually hearing the strong and proud Progressive voices.

As Roosevelt said, “the country needs bold, persistent experimentation …above all, try something”