Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Must Be Removed from Office

Lee Nackman Lee Nackman/ October 9, 2021

President, Progressive Caucus of NC Democratic Party

In June of this year, N.C. Lt. Governor Mark Robinson referred to gay and transgender citizens as “filth” during a speech at Asbury Baptist Church in Seagrove, N.C.  When the Lt. Governor calls our LGBTQ+ citizens “filth,” he is talking about North Carolinian families – our sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers.  Calling any group identified by ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or race “filth” is pure bigotry and has no place in our state government.  

Overt and outspoken bigotry by our elected officials cannot be tolerated.  Sexual orientation and gender are federally protected classes, and gay marriage is a U.S. Constitutional right.  Lt. Gov. Robinson took an oath to “support, maintain and defend the Constitution.”  Mr. Robinson cannot possibly fulfill that oath when he publicly proclaims hatred and disdain for our legally protected gay and transgender citizens.  

The Progressive Caucus of the N.C. Democratic Party unreservedly and absolutely condemns Mr. Robinson’s statements.  Our caucus calls upon his immediate resignation or removal from office. 

Mr. Robinson is the highest-ranking Republican in N.C.’s executive branch.  As such, he holds one of the highest positions of leadership in the N.C. Republican Party.  He is likely to be the Republican candidate for Governor in 2024.  Our caucus also calls upon N.C. Republican leadership to denounce Mr. Robinson’s statements and to demand his resignation.  Failure to do so can only mean that his prejudice and bigotry are accepted and welcomed in the N.C. Republican Party.  

Our caucus also asks that all N.C. citizens regardless of political affiliation denounce Mr. Robinson’s statements and hold Republican leadership to account for its acceptance of Mr. Robinson’s prejudice and bigotry within the Republican party.

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