How Can We Win More?

Many of us want to figure out what we can do to win more. It’s great that we have a Democratic President and administration, a majority in the House, and a sorta majority in the Senate. But to pass progressive policies, we need bigger majorities. And, here in NC, we still have a GOP-controlled General Assembly.

I want to bring your attention to two excellent talks about how we can win. The first was Elaine Berry’s talk at our annual meeting in December. She was the campaign manager for Ricky Hurtado’s successful campaign to win a seat in the NC House in a pretty red district.

The second was an event sponsored by Neighbors on Call and Flip NC. Aimy Steele interviewed the chair and the executive director of the Wisconsin Democratic Party about the changes they’ve been making that are transforming the WDP into a more grassroots organization.

Please take the time to watch both of these excellent talks. I hope you’ll find them as informative and inspiring as I did.

How Can We Win More? – Progressive Caucus of the NC Democratic Party (

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3 thoughts on “How Can We Win More?”

  1. MAUREEN KURTZThank you Lee. I attended both of these inspiring talks. Some of my takeaways (although admittedly some of these may be just my own ideas or ideas I heard elsewhere):
    1. The WI Dems pay their chair. Thus Ben had full time to devote to organizing, much of which he devoted to fundraising so they could hire local organizers all over the state.
    2. The WI Dems built up their own campaign structure, then invited the Biden org to join them, which they did! Instead of ignoring them which most presidential campaigns do. Thus the hard work and local knowledge of the WI Dems contributed to Biden’s win.
    3. NCDP should pay its chair. In addition, the chair should be forbidden to run for political office while serving as chair of the NCDP. Maybe we can discuss this as a caucus?
    4. It sounds like Aimy Steele is going to play a role in a NC chapter of Fair Fight. I’m excited to see how that plays out.
    5. I wasn’t too impressed with Ricky’s win before I heard Elaine Berry’s talk, because his district had been redistricted to lean Dem. But without her hard work starting with Erica McAdoo’s 2018 campaign and as chair of the Alamance County DP, they still could have lost, due to the long history of the party ignoring that district (until 2018), COVID-19, and voter suppression. Elaine got her start politics by taking free training in campaign mgmt. There are many groups offering this type of training and all who are interested can take advantage!
    6. Not exactly from these talks, but related to winning: NCDP should resolve to keep the DCCC and DSCC out of our primaries. We need free and fair primaries without these extremely powerful groups interfering. They have a poor track record (examples, Dan McCready and Cal Cunningham). Would love to discuss as a caucus.
  2. LEE NACKMANI agree with everything you say here except about not being impressed with Ricky’s win. I’ve been pushing on #3 at the State Executive Council, where I made a motion to pay the state chair. It was referred to a committee, which came back with the recommendation that we pay the state chair what legislators get, which is around $13K. I argued that this amount is pretty much useless in terms of allowing a person who is not either retired or wealthy to be able to afford to work as chair full time. Although there were others who supported this view, the Council voted to approve the legislator-equivalent pay (plus some expense reimbursement). So, this is, imo, only a tiny step forward and I intend to keep pushing on it for future years.

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