A New Deal for a New Reality: Relief, Recovery, & Reform

The Issues Action Team has written a document proposing a New Deal for today’s new reality. It proposes progressive solutions to the big problems facing us in the United States. Here’s the opening paragraph:

In this new reality of a pandemic, where disinformation campaigns and political machinations are destroying our democracy, we are focusing the work of the Progressive Caucus of the NC Democratic Party (PCNCDP) to support a New Deal for a New Reality, to ensure that government spending is driven by the needs of the people instead of corporations and special interests. In the COVID-19 era, and beyond, we need Medicare for All to provide healthcare to all, whether employed, unemployed or underemployed. We need a Green New Deal to restructure our economy and to rebuild America and support our people. Our goal is to achieve racial, social and economic justice for the people of North Carolina and the country by fighting concentrations of economic and political power, and the laws and practices that enable them. We are modeling our efforts on the tenets of FDR’s New Deal and his targets of Relief, Recovery, and Reform. 

I urge you to take a look. There’s a four-page summary at the beginning, followed by specific action proposals in each area. Once the Executive Committee has approved this document, we will begin to offer it to candidates to help them understand the progressive solutions we need.

If you would like to print the document or download a PDF file of it, please click on the File menu item, then choose Download or Print.

Thanks to issues action team members Vicki Boyer, Kathy Kaufman, Diane Lemieux, Marguerite Most, Lee Nackman, Susan Siegel, and Tony Wikrent for their hard work on this document, and to Rebecca Cerese for contributing material on healthcare.

Originally posted on here.

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