Progressive Tweeting

Progressive Tweeting

by Vicki Boyer

Twitter. For some, it’s the latest, and best, method of communicating with friends. For others, it’s a cesspool worse than hell. The truth? It is what you make of it. How can we as progressives make the best use of twitter as a tool to share our message with North Carolina?

As you may know, conversations on twitter are grouped together in a #hashtag, and there are a few hashtags used for conversations about NC politics. #NCGA for the NC General Assembly. #NCPol for NC politics (Reporters follow this # to find out what is happening and I check it every day for news.). Each political party has a hashtag. Each party caucus in the state house and state senate has a hashtag. Your elected representatives all have twitter accounts. As do candidates.

Whenever the SHTF in NC politics, comments turn up on twitter. Usually under the #NCPol. And it frequently appears that conservatives dominate that conversation. Our point of view is not expressed. This is where you come in.

Consider opening a twitter account so you can represent progressive goals and aspirations in this conversation. You don’t have to get involved in arguments with anyone, just state your preference and move on. The collection of our voices has meaning and can make a difference. When our elected officials can see support for their actions it acts as positive feedback in a more public manner than a privately sent letter of support. Newspapers, they say, are dying, and the Letter to the Editor will go with them. This is a method of having your say.

Yes, tweets are limited to 280 characters. But each of us learned to write sentences, we learned to write paragraphs, essays, even dissertations. So we can learn to express an idea in 280 spaces. In fact, it is amazing how creative some can be with a prompt and limited space!

So, give twitter a try. I can be available to help, if needed. In recent weeks, we have facilitated twitter connections between a number of Progressive Caucus members. We can help you connect with like-minded friends, too. Working together to share each other’s messages can enhance our progressive voice with just the push of a button! I’ll see you there! @vickitkd.

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