Letter to the Editor Tools

So, You Want To Write A Letter To The Editor?

Diane Lemieux

Pamlico Progressives Democratic Caucus

Your voice is needed to represent all of us who stand up for truth, integrity and the rule of law. Your public letter to the editor will balance the conversation and the perceptions of your community. If we do not speak up, conservatives are allowed to dominate the narrative and assume that everyone else thinks as they do. North Carolina is a swing state, and we need to speak up and speak out to influence public opinion and the vote.

Making the decision that your thoughts matter and need to be heard, and that you are willing to stand publicly behind them, is the first step. It will build your confidence to have a friend who is willing to proofread your letter and support you. Then you have to decide how to send it out, and where. There are supports for whatever level of experience or expertise you may have, and several methods available to accomplish this.

These links will help you to get ideas, use an outline to get started, and show how to write an  op-ed.

  • The M+R Fast LTE Tool starts by asking you to answer 10 questions, and then takes your answers and creates your letter for you. It also offers a yellow page directory of places to send it.
  • The Community Tool Box gives a bit of background, and also leads you through the parts of the letter using questions. It tells you why and when should you write a letter, and how to get it accepted.
  • Working America offers a strategic guide, logistics, step by step directions and provides an example.
  • America Walks explains the difference between a letter to the editor and an op-ed. and walks you through the steps.
  1. “Identify your reasons for writing an op-ed
  2. Target your audience
  3. Know the rules
  4. Consider your “ask”
  5. Start backwards
  6. Consider the opposition
  7. Create a strong opening “

Stand Up America offers a web based tool for certain issues, and they will even send it to your local newspapers for you. Tools like this example of what can be put on websites to help people write letters to their editors. You might want to like them on fb to hear about these opportunities when they come up.

The  ACLU has already written letters on a variety of topics on their website. You will be able to add your own comments as well. After filling out your name and address, they will  send the letters to your U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives

RESISTBOT is one of the most versatile and best user friendly apps around to share your thoughts with your senators, your reps, and your local paper. You can use it on a computer or from your phone. Here are a couple of messages and options you’ll see on their site.

I’ll submit your letter to your local paper to get their attention!

I’m the only service that allows you to write a letter to your elected representatives, and submit it to your local newspaper at the same time. Send EDITOR to try it. Here’s what I’ve gotten published so far.

Be heard by your elected representatives

Contact your elected representatives and submit to a newspaper or share for more impact

congress Write or call your two Senators and Representative in the Congress
state Write to your Governor and/or state legislators
senate Write or call one or both of your U.S. Senators
house Write or call your representative in the U.S. House
gov Write or call your Governor
legislature Write or call all your state legislators
dnc Write to the Democratic National Committee
editor Submit your last letter as a letter to the editor to your local paper
share Make your last letter an open letter
petition Make your last letter a signable petition
sign Sign someone else’s petition
nearby See open letters from your district
image Download an image of your last letter
officials Print all your current officials and their phone numbers


Are you ready now to share your burning thoughts with a larger audience? We need your voice!  Begin wherever you are comfortable, line up a friend, and start writing!


2 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor Tools”

  1. Thanks! I posted the LTE article on the state caucus Facebook page! Really good ideas in that ! vic

    On Sun, May 10, 2020 at 11:40 AM Pamlico Progressives Democratic Caucus wrote:

    > pamprog posted: “So, You Want To Write A Letter To The Editor? Diane > Lemieux Pamlico Progressives Democratic Caucus Your voice is needed to > represent all of us who stand up for truth, integrity and the rule of law. > Your public letter to the editor will balance the conv” >


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