Racist Noose Response

The County Compass has crossed the line.  Your readers are subject weekly to paid content advertised as news.  The Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association pays to publish their weekly page of slanted news, conspiracy theories and Trump Report Card and your readers accept it as truth because you refuse to note that it is paid advertising.  Apparently you also refuse any editorial oversight to their paid content, seeing as how you allowed them to print a RACIST picture of a NOOSE on their page, with the caption, “If we want to make America great again we will have to make evil people fear punishment again.”

You should be striving to make your publication educational and not divisive. Allowing this kind of unbalanced content and hate encourages ignorance and violence. You could be better than that.

Many people read the County Compass because it is free. If you are a County Compass reader, and especially if you are African American, make it your business to find a trustworthy, BALANCED news source so that you understand all sides of the issues presented. Did you know that Pamlico County has more registered Democrats than Republicans? We all matter. And we all deserve to read balanced news. And we all need to find a way to live together. County Compass, do your job.  People over Profits.


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