Voting for NORM SANDERSON? Here’s what you’ll get: 11-1-18

Voting for NORM SANDERSON?                 Here’s what you’ll get:

S35   S539 Weakens landowners’ rights by allowing corporations to condemn your private property for natural gas pipelines
S94  S253 Requiring partisan elections for judges obscuring justice for all

Requiring partisan elections for school board members instead of putting children first

S325 Eliminates voting on the last Saturday before the general election
S486 Changes voting hours from those that meet the needs of the community to those which the community may not be able to afford.
S482 Permits out of state corporations to run NC charter schools and gives their employees’ children priority in enrollment
S632 Allows workers to be hired, fired and compensated at will.

Right to Work employees are paid less than employees represented by unions

S711 Restricts landowners from suing farm operations for loss of use or enjoyment of their property due to smells, insects, and water pollution
S434 S432  S410 S738  S205 5 bills to establish and allow leasing of NC bottomland fisheries to out of state companies
S366  S279


3 bills to discourage or halt renewable energy use

VOTE BLUE FOR GINGER GARNER         Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Exceptional healthcare, including preventive and conservative care for pain management, rehabilitation, and mental health,
  • Excellent education including services for children with special needs,
  • Economic prosperity through the dignity of a living wage,
  • Protection of personal rights as outlined in the Constitution, and a
  • Healthy coastline and clean environment to enjoy and to create jobs and a strong economy for tourism and fishing.

#normsanderson #gingergarner #votingrecord


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