Pamlico Progressives Meeting Tuesday, September 19, 2017


1. There were 17 people at our meeting. People shared what they had been doing politically and it was quite impressive. Many calls had been made; some members attended the public sessions on Gerrymandering; there were meetings with Representatives; and letters written to the Editor. Bill Hines is working on a Resolution to present to the Oriental Town Board about offshore drilling and exploration off the Atlantic Coast. Diane Lemieux is writing for the County Compass about Net Neutrality and how the laws impact our internet information. Enrique and Kathryn Garcia are working with immigrant issues. Laurie Stockwell will be going to the Citizen’s Climate Lobby in D.C. this November. Iris Hudson was not at the meeting but has been writing emails to Tom Tillis about the Russia investigation and to the Democratic Party about their constant requests for money and their lack of response to what people want from their government. These are only some of the things people have been doing.

2. Local elections this November 7th. Each town will be voting for their Town Council Officials. More information later about who the municipal candidates are. If you live in the town limits of one of the 8 county municipalities, mark your calendars so that you do not forget to vote.

The next mid-term elections are on November 6, 2018. In Pamlico County we will be voting for County Commissioners, State Senator and more. That is only 14 months away. We need to recruit candidates for our county positions and educate ourselves on the issues before these elections.

3. We discussed having forums/information sessions as ways to educate and discuss issues that impact Pamlico County. The following is a list of the topics and the people who have volunteered to develop and present the sessions.

РPeople’s Supper is a pot luck dinner party for people to share stories and come together and to build our community and our ability to have civil conversations, to find what unites us. It is being planned for October by Kathryn Garcia.

– Screening and discussion of the video ‚ÄúDemocracy for Sale‚ÄĚ.¬†This might become a series of videos. It is being planned for November by Diane Lemieux and Pat Stockwell.

РCoastal Issues facing Pamlico County. This is being planned for late November or early December by Bill Hines, Katy Pugh and Riane Moser.

РEducation in Pamlico County. This is being planned for January by Diane Lemieux.

As you can see there are many ways to address issues that are important to you. Please contact me or the people involved to participate in these forums/information sessions/dinners.

Important Dates:

September 30 at 6pm at PCC: the Pamlico County NAACP is having their Annual Freedom Banquet. Tickets on sale at the Inland Waterway Provision Company and at The Daily Bread bookstore.

October 4¬†at 10 am in the Commissioners’ Room in the Courthouse: meeting of the¬†Recycling Committee. This committee was appointed by the Pamlico County Board of Commissioners to study recycling options and make recommendations to the Board. Committee meetings are open to the public. The next meeting is Wednesday October 4.

October 17 at 5pm downstairs in the kitchen at the Pamlico County Courthouse the Pamlico Progressives have their next monthly meeting. We had wanted the fourth Tuesday of every month, but that room is reserved at that time. I hope the third Tuesdays of the month will work. 

November 7 Local elections: Each town will be voting for their Town Council Officials.

Thank you for continuing this work. Please contact me by responding to this email or calling me at 252-649-5409.

Kathryn Garcia

P.S. The Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill didn’t pass. Thanks to all those who have called, marched and made their voices heard! Our work does matter!

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