Pamlico Progressives Meeting Tuesday March 20, 2018

Pamlico County Courthouse, Bayboro


  1. Update on the series of forums:

                        3/26/17 Opioid Epidemic

                        4/23/18 Voting Forum

  1. Calendar update: Here is the calendar link.
  2. March 3/20

    Pamlico Progressives Meeting

    5 pm

    Pamlico County Courthouse – Bayboro


    Pamlico County Courthouse – Bayboro

    9:30 am

    Poster Making for the

    10 am March for Life Rally

    12:30 pm light lunch before the

    1:30 pm Democratic Convention


    Series on World Religion

    3-5 pm

    Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of New Bern


    Opiod Epidemic Video/Discussion/Forum

    6 pm

    Oriental Town Hall

    April 4/10

    Board of Education Candidates Forum

    6 pm

    Pamlico County Courthouse – Bayboro



    Pamlico Progressives Meeting

    5 pm

    Pamlico County Courthouse – Bayboro


    Voting Issues Forum

    6 pm

    Oriental Town Hall

    May 5/8

    Voting for Board of Education and November Primary races


    Pamlico Progressives


    5 pm

    Pamlico County

    Courthouse – Bayboro


  1. Opiod Epidemic Film and Discussion- we will be showing the film “The Epidemic” and then have a discussion about what is happening and how we can          help. Please invite friends interested in this topic that has touched us locally.
  2. Voting Forum – We will discuss what to present at this forum. There is much work for Get-Out-The-Vote being done by the Democratic Party. How can we                     support this effort?
  3. Raleigh – March For Our Lives – If you or someone you know isn’t coming to the Pamlico County Democratic Convention, here’s another action you can take.           There are people going to Raleigh for the March. This link has more information.            
  4. 6. Pamlico County – March For Our Lives – this event will happen in the morning before the PC Democratic Convention as a rally joining with millions of young                        people, and all the others who will be marching in Washington DC,                                          Raleigh and around the country.
  5. 7. Pamlico County Democratic Convention – A light lunch starts at 12:30, Convention at 1:30. Hear keynote Speaker Tess Judge, Candidate for NC House           District 6, our new House District. Meet Ginger Garner and Dorothea White, the         Democrats in the May 8th Primary for NC Senate District 2 and other local                   Please Note: There are 4000 registered Democrats in Pamlico County. Most registered Democrats in the County are not on the Democratic  Party email list. Your help is needed to spread the word about the Convention. Please share this information with your friends and family, including Independents. Everyone is welcome.
  6. Resolution to be voted on at the Pamlico County Democratic Convention – Two resolutions were written by Bill Brennan and Kathryn Garcia. Those two                have been combined into one. It calls for the National Democratic Party to                  implement changes to DNC rules that were suggested by the Unity Reform  Commission and to bring more Progressives into positions of leadership. If you  are a delegate to the county convention you can vote for or against its adoption.             If adopted it would move to the District level and then State and National.
  7. Board of Education Candidate Forum – At the follow-up meeting to the first Education Forum, it was decided that the Pamlico Progressives could continue  to facilitate continuing interest by hosting this forum. People have been sending  questions to Diane Lemieux. She and Dan Bartley will be compiling a list of questions for the candidates. Please bring your ideas about how we can make  this a dynamic forum for the community.
  8. Web site in the process of being built – John Phillips is building the Pam Progs web site. Please share what you would like to see on our site.
  9. Series on World Religions: On Sunday, March 25 Marsha Luhrs will be a  speaker in this series hosted by the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of New  Bern (UUFNB). Attached below is more information.
  10. Visit our Pam Prog Facebook page and like us.


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